Creative leader and mentor.
Positive and fun attitude.
Razor sharp execution.
Almost 20 years experience.
And I'm just getting started ;)


I’ve loved having exposure to both sides of the coin, working with established brands like Nike, IBM, Verizon and AT&T to help drive excitement and awareness around new products and innovations, to early startups and scale-ups in helping define, position, and create a unique visual identity that gives them a competitive edge.
Refined communication skills

A key to communication is understanding the "why." Articulating to a client why they should take the creative positioning or design direction you recommend. Providing feedback to your design team why certain things need to change. In doing so, you are able to deliver work that is not just better and smarter, but easily embraced by the client, winning their trust and credibility for a valued and ongoing relationship and most importantly, delivers the most value and ROI. This “why” in my arsenal is what fuels insightful, clear and deliberate communication that’s a key ingredient for successful work.

Perspective and ability

A strong leader needs to assume many roles. The role of quarterback, for example, is to lead your team over the goal line. As a coach, you lead from from the sidelines ensuring each individual and group are performing their best. Some Offensive Coordinators however, sit up in the booth to help call plays—off the field. Why? Because it allows them a better visual perspective of the game. 
My experience has given me the diversity to quarterback and coach, working with strong teams while having a great visual perspective of what will be most effective and the most successful. 


I carry myself with a very calm, open, and approachable attitude that allows me and my team to tackle challenges and resolve conflicts in a controlled and thoughtful manner. I seek to motivate, guide, inspire and challenge others with positivity and enthusiasm that helps rally the team to deliver work that always exceeds expectations.

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